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Management Consulting Firm

We began our consulting company in 1997 to work with family-owned companies. Most family companies we worked with treated their customers, employees, and shareholders with equal respect. It made them successful.

Our clients generally listened to us and appreciated our personal approach in working with them.

Now we have come to the point in our careers where we are no longer willing to log 100,000 miles plus a year in the air to be physically with clients, as we have preferred to do. We find that video conferencing isn’t quiet like being there in person getting to know the family, their managers and employees, and their lawyers and accountants.

We will continue to work with our long-term clients for as long as we are needed. But can only offer this to new prospects this advice: Find advisors who will take the time to learn about the passion you have for your company. Find ways to build trust together. Then work with them. Listen to each other. Learn to trust each other, and have fun along the way.

Thank you for your interest in Henshaw Vierra Management Counsel, LLC.

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